Welcome to the UK’s oldest working theatre and the only theatre left that can credibly claim to have hosted William Shakespeare. Our first recorded performances were in 1445, we’ve hosted many shows and plays every century since then and still host them today.

We’re not just a theatre but have an art gallery too. Right now we are engaged in a project to create a thriving global heritage and visitor attraction and a hub for creative enterprise. Thank you for joining this incredible story.

Preserving the past, embracing the arts, building a future.

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Bard’s Boards

As part of the ongoing archaeological investigation into our site we lifted up sections of the 1960’s flooring. Under that was the 1950’s flooring and sections of earlier flooring. Under all of that was the original floor of the venue from the early 15th century. This would have been the floor on which Shakespeare’s company performed when they played the venue in the 1592/3 season. It is the last known stage in a theatre with links to Shakespeare and the largest expanse of 15th century timber flooring in the UK. We are currently engaged in plans to share this incredible, magical find and at the same time keep it safe. Global attention focussed on the boards with the story of their discovery reaching over 220 million people in 2023. You can see a section of the floor by joining one of our guided tours.

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Volunteer-led guided tours of the Guildhall run every day and are free to join, no need to book.

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The project will breathe new life into the site, creating spaces for our communities and visitors to Kings Lynn.

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